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Lockers That Won't Mix Meat

1. Hunters smokehose
2. Buds meats, Riverside
3. ??

Me when I do it myself. All kidding aside you could debone it yourself and wait until the off season and bring your meat in to see if they'll run a one off batch. Locker might not like doing it but if they want/need/appreciate the business they'll probably take it and do it. May charge you for it but that's the name of the game.


Well-Known Member
The locker I took mine to in years past never mixed, they always bagged and tagged the meat and kept it seperate..now this year, all they labeled was "Deer not for sale" so I was not happy about that, but it was already there. So I really like this list, anyone up around north central Iowa, southern minnesota know any good places? I always wanted to try Hayward, MN but dont know anyone that takes it there. I just hate the thought of driving hours to drove off meat, paying for it, and driving to pick it up... especially if the meat comes out unedible....


PMA Member
Flugge, at Hayward if u have 66 pounds or more u can get your own meat back. 80 pounds if you want sticks made. I usually give a deer to a guy in town that swears by them. He's given me some and I thought it was good.


PMA Member
Boyds in Washington

Having used Boyd's a few different times, I can say that he is a very organized and diligent proprietor, I really did not know if he mixed or not, but I am not surprised to hear that he doesn't. From the outside looking in, he runs a very nice and clean operation.

Crab Claws 12

PMA Member
Ohrts smoke house near Ionia North east of Nashua. is where I've been taking my deer meat for a few years. Always very happy with what ever I have made! Check them out. The always have a booth at the deer classic.


Most of the "mixing" is shotgun season.

If you take bow kill in, ask when you will get it back. The answer should be before shotgun season. Most of the "mixers" freeze deer meat all of December to run a large batch of "specialty" (summer sausage, pepperoni, sticks, etc) in January. Then, you get your poundage back in "community meat".

So go early or freeze and go late if you want your deer meat alone.
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