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Lyme Disease shot


Life Member
15 years ago or so there was a shot for Lyme disease you could get but it was expensive.
You got two shots a year apart.
I convinced my insurance company to spring for it and got my first one.
Went back a year later to get the second dose and they told me it was discontinued
Always wondered why and if i could potentially have partial immunity?
I would be more interested in getting a shot for Lyme disease than one for covid.


PMA Member
I remember that. The story was, there wasn't enough demand for the shot to make it profitable to make. Wonder if that has changed. I doubt the federal gov't will push for it, since mostly "deplorables" go out in the woods. Ticks will be out shortly with this warm-up.


Active Member
I absolutely hate ticks to point were I am overly anal about avoiding them and checking myself and boys over every time we are out. I would do the shot for sure..


Super Moderator
I am a magnet for those bastards. I would be so in for a vaccine. Definitely has to be better for you then dosing your close in Permethrin!

Boyd I tried to get that shot when you did, they told me too many side effects for the number of people and money they were making so they stopped producing it.
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