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Member playing in the Super Bowl


Active Member
Droptine37, former Hawkeye and current Raven has had a great year and the Ravens are on a roll. Thought it would be cool if anyone wanted to wish him luck to go ahead and reply here. He is on the site all the time.


PMA Member
Good luck droptine! Is there a name to go along with that or is that classified info?


PMA Member
Have a great Super Bowl Droptine! :way: I hope you get a grand slam or make a 3 pointer or something like that! :D


PMA Member
Good luck droptine37 and also to Yanda. Will be watching and pulling for you. Send Lewis out in style.
Also I will bet my paycheck to anyone on here that Harbaugh will be the winning head coach of the super bowl. Any takers?


Super Moderator
Go get them boys. Put one right on the jaw of that cocky SF QB so he can't run his mouth anymore. Good luck Droptine.



PMA Member
I can't get myself to root for a team that has Ray Lewis on it, just can't! Great football player but can't stand his theatrics. The best part of this game is knowing it will he his last!!!! Thank God!


Super Moderator
Awesome, I had no idea! Get us a number so I can point droptine37 out to my boys!:way: We'll be cheering for the Ravens. (since they took my Broncos out):D


Theres actually Two Hawkeyes on the Team and one cyclone player. Marshall Yanda, Sean Considne, and Kelichi Osemele. And maybe one more Iowa kid on practice squad.


It is going to be a good fall!
Interesting thanks for sharing that info...

Also note...Matt Birk (from Minnesota) is on the Ravens, I don't think he is on Iowa Whitetail though


Life Member
Thanks guys. Gotta love my cousin for blowing my cover....ha ha. This website has been a big part of my life since my days at Iowa. Football doesn't setup to well for a whitetail junkie but iowawhitetail has done its part in keeping my addiction fed for the time being. The state of Iowa is well represented on the Ravens and we love the support. Take it easy on my guy Ray Lewis. I'd run thru a brick wall for that guy and if any of you had the pleasure of meeting him you'd say the same thing. Trust me on this one guys. Thanks again!
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