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Memorable hunt with my best friend.


Active Member
I am a little behind as this hunt happened over a week ago. I got to spend a hunt sitting with my best friend in one of my homemade shacks sitting over corn stalks covered in snow. The original plan was I was hunting for a trophy buck, but I told Sean he could shoot a doe if there were any in the field close to dark. Early in the sit a buck came out but went right back into the timber before I could get a good look at him. Then about 40 minutes later he came back out in the same place. I instantly knew which buck it was. That was when I stunned Sean by telling him to shoot him. Partly because there were other deer I had my heart set on, and partly because I knew it would be his biggest buck to date.
Sean didn't hesitate and dropped him in his tracks. Funny thing was his left side fell off when he dropped. I got so much joy out of how excited he got and will never forget it. I have pictures of this guy going back to 2017. I think he is 5-1/2 years old based off of the 2017 picture, but I am a novice at aging deer. Either way, that is an ancient deer for here. I actually posted a picture of this deer earlier in the year in a unique deer thread because he had such a goofy curved head. He is going to European mount him so I will get to see if the skull looks funky at all. I attached his timeliness of pictures from when I first got him on camera to the end.Resized_MFDC0218.jpegResized_IMG_0045_(4).jpegResized_IMG_0126.jpegResized_IMG_0054_(2).jpegResized_IMG_0061_(4).jpegResized952021010395175640.jpg


New Member
Congrats I love history with one deer. Score is out the window. If he is a mature animal he could be180 or 120 he is still a mature animal. CONGRATS!!
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