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Life Member
Oh man! I have hunted hard this week. Last night I had the wind taken out of my sails. I thought I would sit in my double bull in an area that I had seen some deer grazing in a bean field about 10 days ago. I set the blind up on a fence line with the wind working in my favor. This is only the second time I have ever hunted deer out of the double bull. I usually sit in the traditional tree stand. I barely brushed it over. I usually brush it over during turkey season. I started sitting at 11:00 am and sat until dark. At 3:00 a huge buck caught me off gaurd and came in behind me in an area of the blind that I did not have a clear shooting path. He was a trophy!. Finally some deer came out into the bean field at 4 pm and were there for just a few minutes when all of a sudden they ran off! Dogs!! One came right up to the blind and I had to spook him to get him to leave. They ran right into the honey hole area. I thought to myself that the hunt was ruined, but the fat lady had not finished singing. At about 4:50 here he came again down the same fence line coming back!!
Unless he crossed the fence I still had no shot.
You got it. He crossed the fence alright. Right next the my blind within ten yards. He came right out into my frontal window at 15 to 17 yards. I took my time and drew back! Put the pin on the kill zone and let it fly. Miss!!! What happened ? I don't have a clue. The only thing I can think of is that I don't remember looking thru my peep sight. I shoot with both eyes open. I shot right over his back? If you don't see thru your peep, can that happen? Maybe I just got a case of the famous buck fever. I have killed alot of deer with the bow and I don't remember getting the jitters because I did not have enough time to think about the shot. He was at least twenty inside with alot of mass. Oh well, that's why they call it hunting. I am alittle down on myself but I will get back up. It happens to the best of them. Nothing in life is a sure thing. Believe it or not he never spooked completely away and gave me a second shot at 25 yards. There were two other bucks standing along with him at this point that came in after the missed shot. The reason I did not take the shot is because he only offered me a frontal shot at a slight angle. Because of some of the information I have read on this web site and the chances of wounding the animal were great, I could not bring myself to shoot even though he would have been the second largest deer I would have ever harvested. I respect alot of the opinions on this web site as well as my fellow hunting friends and was probly the reason the bow never got pulled back. The deer deserve it! Oh well just sharing my frustration. He is still out there though. He walked away calmly in pursuit of a doe on a far hill and I watched him feed until the darkness over took us both. Him and I have an appointment this coming week I hope!
Good hunting everyone and congrats to all that have shot straight! Hope I get a second chance!


New Member
Sound' like your a guy who know's a little about respecting the game you hunt.Congrat's on passing up a bad shot,I would sure hope you get a second chance.
I have not had any bigger buck's in range yet but it will happen sooner or later.Never give up no matter how bad it seem's.


PMA Member
Excellent choice on passing on the iffy shot!!
Keep your head up tho, my brother-in-laws father has had the worst week on record this last week. Until last nite that is. He has had nice bucks around him all week, one got within 20 yards when the 2 of them were putting a tree stand up on Sunday. Stood there looking at the 4-wheeler for 2-3 min while they could only look at him. The bows were in truck at the top of the hill....
Anyways, he missed a nice buck on Tuesday afternoon and like yourself passed up a second iffy shot. Well then last nite had big 10pt.. he thinks walk 10 yards behind him and couldn't get bow and turned in time for a shot. Cussed himself a blue streak
and grunted at the buck but he just continued downt he trail. Then 5 min later heard something from the other direction, and saw a deer. It was a buck and he shoots when it comes into his only shooting lane and dropped it on the spot. Hit it a little far back and arrow deflected off a rib and severed the spine. Turns out it was a huge buck
was a basic 10 pointer with a kicker off the right g3 with one brow tine being forked and the other brow tine has 3 points on it. So be patient and good things will come to you as well.....



Wow, what a hunt!

Just this year I really started to practice shooting out of a blind. It's different, you feel like your limb is gonna hit the canvas. I usually have a camera on a tripod and it's tight quarters but I do like it.

I would get back out there, he is in the area and more importantly there must be a doe in heat in the area.

Good idea on the passing up the shot, you could have had a mess. Gotta be a fatal hit or the road gets long trying to find the animal.

Keep after it!

Ken, I just sent you an email detailing my latest misshap! Sat 11-09 at 1030, I missed a 140-150ish 8 point on my honey hole. I'd love to have another crack at him before the big guns come out next weekend.

Ain't this bowhunting great stuff? I missed a great chance, but my spirits aren't dampend at all. Just want to get back out and try again.

Good luck readers, sometimes you only get one shot...make it count!!!



New Member
Trper, I admire you for passing on a tempting, but risky shot. I hope you are rewarded for your patience. Saturday morning, my 11-year old son had his first deer come in range, and he passed on the shot. It was a small buck that came within 15 yards, but was quartering towards him. Taylor knew that it would be too easy to miss the vitals, and he patiently waited for a better shot . . . it didn't happen this day. I am proud of him, and he is very excited about his 'almost' shot. Good luck on your next hunt !
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