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My muzzleloader whitetail


Active Member
Been keeping tabs on this buck since 2016 when he was a tall 2.5yr old 4x4. For the years 2018 to 2020 he sported a matched 5x5 set, we named him "Orion", and every year I was relieved to get his after hunting season pics. Fast forward to early July this year - I got a glimpse of a big boy as he flashed across a pasture trail mere yards in front of me and I thought I could see a flyer coming off the left side. It took two long weeks of relocating trail cameras before I got the first pics of that deer and it turned out to be Orion and he had a lot more going on than just a flyer.
Up here deer love eating canola blossoms so with a camera set up on the edge of an 80 acre field I got to watch his rack get bigger. Then just before he stripped the velvet he disappeared and I didn't get pics until the end of September, 3/4 of a mile away in what I gathered was close to his bedding area. I farm and we wrapped up harvest on the first of October so on the 3rd, when I looked at the SD card and saw his pics I didn't waist any time and set up the blind, brushed it in a bit and waited (this was around 2pm). Saw a few does and fawns and then around 6:45 with 25 minutes of hunting time left he strolled out into the open. He wasn't giving me a shot but I figured I had lots of time so I told myself to be patient. Of course I had the crosshairs on his vitals the whole time so when he lifted his head and stared at my blind it was a split-second decision to squeeze the trigger. When the smoke cleared I could scarcely believe what had just happened. My biggest deer by far was laying there, a mere 90 yards away.
Sorry for such a long winded story, here's some pics to go with it, :)20211022_230556.jpg20211017_213620.jpg20211020_082645.jpg


PMA Member
That's a magnificent whitetail! Beautiful pics and a beautiful buck. Congrats on your biggest buck, love the history you have with him also.


Active Member
What trail cam do you use, great pics....
Scoutguard, it's 5 or more years old, model 565fv I think. Might still be able to find them online. I think the new models are Boly 2060 or something like that.
And thanks, you may have noticed I used it to take my field photos, ha.
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