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N of Iowa City trespasser


Drifted past a couple of my cameras, private property, no one was granted permission. I found the bag and contents interesting....... Shed hunter?



Unfortunately, we have established a relationship with the Johnson County Sheriff department due to this property and people screwing around. I sent this pic to my contact there. I thought if they were bolt cutters and there was a B&E in the area, they might appreciate the lead.

As to loppers, little early for trimming shooting lanes, always too early for someone else to be doing it for me. A friend suggested maybe cutting antlers off dead heads to avoid trying to get a salvage tag.

I have no permanent stands here, but there are many just over the property line, like every 100 yards. I always hang and hunt to keep such riff raff from sitting my sets.

He just strolled through. From the cams I got him on and the ones that missed him, I think he came off the property to the north. Cameras on the lane did not show a vehicle. Last pics sent to the Sheriff, turned out it was a truck from the pipeline company that runs through the property. Surveyor's can come and go on private property as they please???


PMA Member
Hmmmm...I don't know, but if it was a surveyor, odds are fair that it was someone from MMS Consultants.

It definitely appears to be a well used tool of some sort and the bag makes it look legit...probably.


If there is an easement of any sort (gas line or power) they will send out blanket notices most of the time saying they will be in an area from- "here to here" -but they dont have to either as long as its been documented correctly. We had some just happen to come through during shed season, and they seemed to wander a little farther than they needed to, but the easement stated they could walk 150 yards either side of the easement to look for potential problems. Never knew if they were looking for sheds actually or if they were truly work related things

[email protected]

Active Member
Is he on the pipeline in the picture? His jacket and the bag match so it could be pipeline employee. My first thought was someone looking for stands or cameras to steal with the bolt cutters, but matching uniform it could be legit.


Is he on the pipeline in the picture? .

The path I think he came in on makes the pipeline employee possible. His change in course might have been his hopes of crossing the small creek via the road bridge instead of wading. The pipeline runs under the stream seen upper right of the pic.

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Staff member
2 Japanese style swords is what I’m going with. He’s clearly meeting for a dual of some type. “Fight club” type of thing??
Bag that matches his jacket- style!! & his hand is coming out of his butt. This guy is a tough case. Hope it gets solved!!!


Well-Known Member
My initial thought when I examined the pic, is that he's on the clock and performing some sort of work. That's what my gut tells me, just from his appearance anyway. Looks like he's on a mission to get from point A to point B.


Super Moderator
Staff member
If there is an easement, pipeline peeps can come and go as they please.... unfortunately.

I agree with others.... perp appears to be "on the job".


PMA Member
Pretty sure I know him and he works for pipeline. Great guy owns ground next to me and fights trespassers himself. Important thing to pay attention to when purchasing or setting up easements is all of the fine print. I have a powerline going through my property and they can come and go as they please. Sure, it isn't convenient but it doesn't happen often and just part of the deal for that property.

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