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New Hunters Guide


New Member
Hey Gang, my friend George, has had a podcast for years... The New Hunters Guide. I haven’t missed an episode for the past year—he is sharing good stuff. He just started a YouTube video and shares how he first got started in hunting. Very inspiring. Go check it out...

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Staff member
Just listened to the whole thing. Really good!!! He’s got like 150 podcast episodes he said. So- lot of content out there already!!
Sounds like my experience & I made a comment..... I was the WORST hunter on the planet. Just walked around with my bow at 14 after mom dropped me off. No clue what I was doing.
this is great - this is kinda stuff that we need for new hunters. & I think the drive, success & enthusiasm from George - starting with challenging hunting conditions.... sometimes that creates the most appreciative & successful hunters out there. More so than kids getting handed instant success.
Good stuff. I’ll check it out and post link...
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