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Things are looking up :)



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What is Bow Creek Outdoors?

It's a trail cam outfit, small operation, that I'm trying. Not completely happy with them at times. They have blue viz, what ever that is, but you can't see them taking pictures at night and the deer don't notice them. Besides that they are made in China like everything else. I got a couple for 100 bucks each to try. I've tried so many cams since they came out years ago but they all have their pros and cons. I have two old Bushnell's that are probably 12 to 15 years old that are still reliable but the night pictures aren't great. Hard to find the "perfect" trail camera.


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Yes, bumper crop on fruit trees this year. The deer seem to prefer the pears over the apples right now. The trees were so loaded that several limbs snapped off on all the trees.
FWIW, our first house had a WONDERFUL yard, with over 30 fruit trees and 2 or 3 of them were pears and about 20 apples of all varieties, 4 peach or apricot and at least one cherry too. There was a nearby timber that the deer came out of to maraud those fruit trees on the regular and by far, the first choice was the ripe pears. They would get up on their hind feet to get every pear in reach too.

Pear trees are fairly fragile though and the fruit does not hold up well through the fall...but for those days/weeks that the pears were falling...they were the bomb. I had so many apple trees that there were still some apples on into the winter and I would shake the branches now and then to cause the late hangers to fall, so apples fed the deer for multiple weeks, but the pears were short lived, but very popular.

Nice buck! Good luck catching up to him.
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