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Nightmare Buck


I got walked in around 2 pm Friday the 11th and sat next to a tree. Beginning to love ground hunting without any blinds. Saw my first deer almost immediately 4 does. They bedded down and just chilled. Here I am getting hammered by the wind and decided to just face up into the finger rather than the field and protect myself with the tiny tree I’m sitting behind periodically checking the field and where the does bedded. Maybe 5ish a few does appeared in the beans and were super spooky with the wind. I caught a glimpse of an angler behind a bunch of bur weeds in the beans and it was a 140” 8 pt decided I’d shoot him if he gave me a shot he raked the willows on the field edges then all the deer disappeared into them. Short time later they pop out and he just hammers the willows more. I drew back on him a few times but didn’t like how the wind felt for the shots so I waited knowing it would die down some later and he may feed closer. Short time later I notice couple does enter from straight west of me rather the NW like the others and they trot in so I look behind and here’s this guy on a mission towards the other buck (video I sent) the go at it and he goes into the willows and comes back out tinkles around again. Then they stop both broadside, I drew back felt good I knew I held a little back just because I didn’t want for some instance the other buck to go forward as I release and I stick him. Felt solid really confident took my time no deer were alert. Squeezed the trigger had actually thought I missed until he walked towards me and I could see the arrow sticking out both sides so as he’s coming I scramble for another arrow seeing where I had hit him. Misjudged the yardage and shot high. Could see blood coming out a lot which I thought was weird for guts. Watched him bed and move repeatedly throughout the bean field til dark. Waited til Saturday to take up the trail. He went into the thickest nastiest horse weed patch ever but I had seen he was going in an eastward direction, I figured once he got in there he probably didn’t go far so rather than tracking and having my wind go to him I looped down and around the area and walked the creek bank. Look over and see him alive and alert in the weeds 20 yards from me. So I try to lace an arrow through the weeds but that was like a pinball machine. And he just laid there so I got closer and the wind swirled and he took off. I ran out to see where he had went and watched him bed again so I back out get some snacks at my parents and come back to see he was gone so I knew the direction he was going and did the same wind play and walked the weeds with the wind. I’m getting down because I don’t see blood and he’s no longer where I saw him bed and I just mark on my phone where I last saw him and reply to buddy texts and look up and he’s bedded 15 yards staring at me in a small maple thicket. I try to find a window and he gets up and starts walking straight away, I figured one in the butt would be better than nothing. So I shoot him again, he takes off crosses the creek and I see him lay down. Still thicker than molasses, try to shoot one across the creek; there it goes high. He just lays there for 10 minutes. At this point I don’t have arrows and can just watch. He stands up takes two steps and falls on his face. 2 min later here come coyotes. So I had some good coyote encounters, would have swam had they went all the way to the deer but they were flinchy every time they got close. They ended up never touching him.

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Awesome buck, very cool anytime you can get it done on the ground.

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