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No Limt


PMA Member
The Story of No Limit.

In the winter of 20/21 my family purchased a new farm. It was late February but I was able to hang a camera over some corn and alfalfa to see what was around. Several bucks showed up and one buck in particular I figured was a 3.5 yr old had already dropped his right side and a broken G2 on his left. But from the pic you could tell that he might be something. Well fast forward to June time frame and hundreds of hours of habitat improvements every weekend. I was out putting in a plot when a deer popped out of the timber and I caught a glimpse and it looked like a deer with an extra main beam. It happened so fast that I really didn't know what it was. About mid July I pulled a memory card on a camera and I about fell over when a pic with a deer with an extra beam, drop tine, stickers was on it. This deer would soon become named No Limit. In 2021 it was going to be home or nothing. M first encounter would not come until November 7th where he was coming in a string right to me but at 22 yards a quick wind shift and off he went. I would not lay eyes on him again until November 12th. He walked past at 1 pm, I came to fill draw but the wind was too strong and he could not hear my attempts to stop him and off he went. I would see him several more times during the archery season but never within range. Shotgun season approached and I was hopeful he would offer me a chance but never did see him one time. Late muzzleloader season approached. At this point I have had hundreds of trail cam pics of him. On Jan 4th I was sitting in the blind when finally out he came. He stopped at about 110 yards. I steadied the scope and pulled the trigger. It looked like I smoked him and the celebration started. The hundreds and hundreds of hours had finally come to a close. After only finding a few drops of blood we decided to back out and come back in the morning. After hours of looking in sub zero temps we could not find him. My heart was broken, what happened? How? A few days later I went back out and ended up seeing in the neighbors field eating like nothing had ever happened. Well the season would end without another opportunity. Winter of 21/22 would come in and the habitat improvements would ensue. Then shed season came on and I looked high and low for his antlers to avail. Then one day will burning in early spring I just about tripped over his large side. We measured it at 108"!!!! Well now we fast forward to this year. I start the trail cam velvet season with hoes of catching his picture. Then one day in July I get a series of 3 pics of a deer that I believe is him but he lost a lot of inches but the pics were not terribly clear. I got all summer without a photo of him. Did he move? Was he dead? With my job I don't get a ton of opportunities to hunt in the month of October but I did make it out twice before the end of October without a sighting. Oct. 30th I was able to make it out. The evening was going well with some great deer movement when I looked to the east and saw him for the first time this year tending a doe. They were coming directly to me. I prepared for the shot, when of course he nudged the doe and she changed course and took him out of my life. The trail cam pics were still pretty dismal of him but there were some. I hunted hard, all day sits everyday since Saturday. On Wednesday I decided to make an aggressive move and hang a stand in a very high risk location but hoping I would pay off. Fast forward to this morning Nov 11th. On my way to the farm my truck was reading 19°. I was pretty hopeful that the morning would have great action. I ended up getting 2 cell cam pics of him on the way to the farm. On two different cams on opposite sides of the farm. He was looking for the next lady. Well much to my surprise the morning was slow. I had seen two doe fawns and one small forkie. At 9:35 I decided to rattle. Put the antlers up turned around and about fell 20' out of the tree when there he was standing 45 yards behind me. He worked his way all the way in to 8 yards where I released an arrow tipped with an Iron Will broadhead and cut the top of his heart off. I watched the fletching bury into his chest and out the other side. I watched him run 40 yards and stop, start to get wobbly, ran another 25 yards on a death march. And then the sound every bow hunter knows all to well and that's the sound of a crashing body in the leaves. So many emotions ran through me. The deer I had lost hours of sleep over, spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours planning and hunting for. The deer I had an opportunity at last season and messed up when he was over 200". I made all the phone calls and just sat in amazement on what had just happened.
A special thanks to my wife Madison for understanding my passion for chasing these beautiful creatures, and to my parents for purchasing the farm and allowing me to turn it into the whitetail paradise it is becoming and last but not least to my best friend Rob for always helping with food plots and helping to strategize for this deer and always being one phone call away to help track a deer.
I am truly blessed to have friends and family like I do!

If I could offer one bit of advice to any deer hunter that reads this: Take the time to soak up the moment, live in it. Take in the smells, watch the birds and all of the above.

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PMA Member
That's a giant! It can be really hard targeting one specific, buck but it's something special when it works.


Active Member
Cool story! Thanks for sharing your encounters with an awesome whitetail. Pursuing only one animal can be very frustrating but also very rewarding. Good advice about enjoying the "little" things along the journey. Congrats!


Staff member
Great story & well deserved. That’s one heck of a journey to finally make
It happen. Frigin giant and huge success!!!!

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