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Novice Wiper Fisherman Needs Your Advice

The Silence

PMA Member
I hadn't been fishing much for the last 5 or 6 years but got back out this spring. Was able to put a number of 4# wipers in the freezer. That was the first time catching them and had a real blast. Love hearing that drag humming.

I picked all of them up at where water was flowing into the lake. I've noticed guys picking some up on the wind blown side of the lake as well. I'm fishing from shore at this point.

Could you guys give me some basic advice in locating wipers near the shoreline and any other basics such as weather conditions to look for and time of the day their feeding tends to pick up. I noticed at one place I was fishing, it seemed like they were coming into the shallows at dusk. I wasn't sure if this was true or not. Thanks guys. Oh, one last thing, I'm thinking about heading down to Red Rock below the dam sometime soon.


Life Member
I don't have any specific help for you in regards to wipers, but I do remember DNR weekly fishing reports suggesting areas on lakes to fish for wipers. Perhaps there is an archive? You can subscribe to the weekly report on the DNR site.

Good luck.


Be here Now
When the wind is out of the north right at dusk on the intake side of saylorville can be amazing for stripers/wipers. You will see the bait fish being scattered and throw some top water poppers into the bait---happens quick but can be a great time. Below red rock spillway we used to catch them often just below the wall of spillway with tube jibs and slow retrieve.

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