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Off topic, maybe controversial but a lot of fun & excitement!!!!


Staff member
POLITICS is dirty & slimy. Most of em have serious flaws. The system is a mess. Both sides have vast amounts of dirt, slime & corruption. We probably all agree with that?
These are all MEN & WOMEN... flawed human beings. Flawed for sure- to varying degrees- I’ll leave that part up to God. I’m not here to judge their souls. After we understand they are human and in POLITICS- I put them in 2 groups.....
1) polished robots that cover up there flaws, rehearse what folks wanna hear, hide their shady issues/dealings & focus on “what does the public want to see and hear?” - EXECUTE that. You don’t know much of their core or why they do what they do. they may have some core positions but They are political robots. Poll tested, scripted and bought & paid for!

2) also flawed folks..... but politicians who are plain spoken OR quick witted & fast on their feet. Or ramble from Topic to topic and go so fast & passionate they don’t have time to filter. Folks without the robotic filters. Folks who say what they really think. This group is far more rare. Yes- I put trump in this group. Downside: dumb or innappropriate things come out. Brash, harsh, hurtful, whatever. Upside: you know what the folks are truly thinking most the time. Trump is maybe best example of “says what he wants, even when it hurts him”. Obama for example was total opposite- slick, robotic & polished speaker but when it came to what he really thought or the job he did - eaahhhh. Yikes. & even he had some nasty gaffes & horrible parts of his history. That’s being human. I got sick of robots or ineffective slick politicians who didn’t do what they said. I see opposite of that in trump.

IMHO- the flaws as a man...... god has countless examples of using greatly flawed humans to do great things. I personally don’t care about his past as a top tier issue- everyone has personal issues and this is for a GOVERNMENT leader- not your Pastour or priest. His job is to fix GOVERNMENT, not to spend time with you and your family. He’s a flawed man. Which ones weren’t? It’s sick but what most consider “great presidents” had huge personal issues...., adulterers- Clinton, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, etc, etc. Liars: every president in our history and every human on this earth. Sinners: everyone of em and every one of us.
on flip side- with everyone being deeply flawed - who did a great job for our country????? Bush? IMHO- NO! Obama??? IMHO- heck no!! Clinton? Eah, not really. REGAN- oh yeah!!!!! Carter? OMG no (& Carter probably has cleanest personal life of any president in 100 years & he was a HORRIBLE president!). On and on - very few did great things. Love or hate him politically or love or hate him Personally- to the nation it doesn’t matter a bit.... he’s done a lot and a done far more than anyone since Regan. The man can work & fights like nothing I’ve seen In my lifetime. Main question- does he love this country and does he fight for it daily with all he has?? Absolutely yes!!!! IMHO. Those are the tests & questions I care about.

He has awesome personal things though!!!! Amazing family- that are hunters!!!!! Not trying to get rich from office, not bought & paid for!!! (That alone cripples & corrupts most elected officials). He’s got more energy & drive than probably any president. Results driven. He’s funny & great sense of humor. Knows business, etc etc etc.

He’s fixing the things I care about & so many others. His personal side good or bad is .0001% compared to what he does for this country. & that list is incredible - things I care about: 200k vets now able to get private care, 180 federal judges, lowest unemployment rate & highest stock market in history, too many pro-life advancements to go through, breaking left wing biased media, freeing our soldiers hands in combat, advancing trade deficits, new & better trade agreements, net energy producer & exporter, border wall going up & fought for, etc etc.

There’s some things I don’t like but I also know he can’t fix it all in 3 years (I don’t like deficit- That’s maybe #1).
He’s doing a dang good job and way way way better than every nay-sayer predicted!!!

This next election will be decided by RESULTS & that’s why I’m Trump 2020.

*again- respect all points of view. Don’t need a pissing match or things going off the rails. We all understand politics is tough, dirty, personal and a hot topic. I respect all people regardless of their views and again- we need all sides of isle to fight for the outdoors in iowa!!!!


It is going to be a good fall!
Choose your side, everyone has an opinion and grew up in a family that was X or X....for the sportsman, gun control is a serious issue that is in the forefront again in the 2020 election. Democrats are not kinda of looking at gun control, they are all in.

Another big issue is the push by (D) toward meat alternatives. Farmers should watch this, they don't like beef. Global warming issue I guess??? Restrictions on beef, or a push to buy alternatives could devastate Iowa in the future. Just my two cents!


I just want to start off by saying I'm not really political at all. I have always been a person that says my vote doesn't matter.

That being said I am for Trump but don't agree with everything he says or tweets. I like though how like said above that he is the only president in a long time that is doing what he said he's going to do. I think we need to change so much but can only do so much at a time.

I have the biggest problem with liberals and Dems because they don't care what it takes besides getting Trump out. I hear how they are making all theses promises that will never happen or make taxes go through the roof. I have some Dems in my family and I tried so hard not to get into it with them but once they started talking about Trump I chimed in. They loved the idea of $15/hr minimum and free college.
I go first $15/hr is so stupid. They go why because you can't live off of $8-$10/hr. I said I agree and if it were to go to $15/hr minimum you won't be able to live off of that either. They were all confused, I go well if it goes up so do prices on goods by 30% - 50%. (If a guy at McDonald's goes from $8/hr and goes to $15/hr ur cheeseburger goes from $1.25 to $2.00-$2.50) They looked dumb founded but go that does make sense.
The college is great in idea but can't work. #1 who would pay for it? Tax payers is all I can think of.
#2 any kids that don't want a huge debt or just don't think they can do it that would have just started working after high school now say screw it might as well it's paid for. That just takes more workers out of the work force and more federal debt.

I don't want to get into it but the biggest thing I want to say is we need change to keep happening. We have to many people getting checks for doing nothing! I can't stand all the people that find loop holes to sit on their butts and have my tax dollars pay for them to do it. I would love it if you get a check from the government you take a drug test. I don't care if your a farmer or what you do just everyone. I think that would take care of a lot of POS's out there to get a job and off there butts?
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PMA Member
What’s up with the caucus count in Iowa? The dnc not like the winner? Smells like a recount to rig scenario.

Democrats stepped on their crank last night. Not the first time it's happened here. Remember the Republicans wrongly declared a winner in 2012?

Running an untested app while trying to gather new data that has never been shared before was stupid. Iowa first in the nation status is in jeopardy as is the caucus process. It's a PITA an even though last night was relatively fast at 2 hours. It surely discourages participation but I think there is something to be said for having to put some effort into supporting you candidate at this stage in the process.

From what I'm hearing and saw Bernie and Pete had a good night. Klobuchar may be 3rd. Biden people are going to be disappointed.


PMA Member
So Biden is throwing away all their “I’ll beat Trump like a Drum” t-shirts.

I think he'll have a resurgence once he gets to a more diverse state. Biden, Pete and Klobuchar are after the same vote I think. I hope Klobuchar can hold on and get some traction but Pete is going to be in the way.


Life Member
Lots of Dems with shoes like this today:



It is going to be a good fall!
Iowa residents will be encouraged to hear the media (guys like Morning Joe) blaming this on Iowa, with quotes such as "If Iowa cannot run a bathroom, how are they going to run a democracy"

It is Iowa's fault...crazy thinking.:oops:


PMA Member
The Republican talking point these days is pretty much "Hey, I know he's a jerk, but he's done a lot of great things for our country". I've read much of the same in this thread. I would argue that many of the "great" things he's taking credit for is simply repairing something he destroyed to begin with. Nonetheless, if you choose to overlook his personal flaws because of perceived achievements, then I'm sure you supported President Clinton as well, correct?? The same was true during his term, and because he didn't give huge tax breaks to corporations and the ultra rich, our national debt was actually decreasing. Can you say hypocrisy?? Turns out trickle down economics doesn't always.

I'm with Obsessed on this one. Been a mostly Republican voter my whole life, but I can't stomach this guy. Particularly when you're in a leadership position, a standard of decency in personal behavior should be a given, and that's where President Trump has been a complete failure. I don't begrudge those of you who support him...I do understand the appeal. You just need to know that those of us who do not believe he's been a great President have legitimate reasons for our position. Anyone who believes all Republicans are good and all Democrats are bad (or vice versa) is truly part of America's biggest problem.



Well-Known Member
Are you kidding me. Clinton was ball less. Trump is 20 times the leader. Clinton took the position of if I do nothing I can’t be criticized.

He did give us NAFTA, the worst trade agreement in history, and treated the 1993 World Trade Center bombers as civilian criminals and not terrorists proclaiming war. As we know President Bush had to deal with Clinton’s weak international policy after 911.

Oh and don’t forget Clinton forcing low interest rates for housing on banks under the community investment act , which led to the sub prime mortgage crisis of 2008. Cause hey you deserve a house even if you can’t afford it.

Trump runs circles around Clinton. Bad comparison.
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PMA Member
Oh, he definitely wasn't ball less...pretty sure we have physical evidence of that :D:D

My point was simply this. The economy was strong, unemployment was low, and we had a balanced budget for the only time in modern history. And I couldn't stand him because of personal behavior. But I do understand that this isn't an issue for many of you...



It is going to be a good fall!
Everyone can have an opinion....I respect that.

Just have to agree to disagree....
Trump is repairing something he destroyed...no way. The trade deals were giant strides, China, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea. There is around $80 Billion in Ag exports in those deals. Iowa will benefit the most by these deals, over almost any state.

If you have stocks you should be loving Trump...the Nasdaq alone is up almost 85% in 3 years!

Plus he whacked (2) big time terrorists.


Well-Known Member
It was a great experience for sure, you could feel the energy in the Knapp center.
Skip my bald head made your last picture bottom left corner next to the guy in the red sweatshirt and MAGA hat. Im almost famous now. The Trump train is going to roll over the other candidates come november.


Be here Now
is trump a great person- nope. But he is making one hell of a president. Not only draws lines in sand but he digs trenches and when they are crossed, he holds to what he says and punishes those that crossed the line. 401k and investments are performing at insanely good levels- his trade deals will bring great dividends in the long run. He is a great businessman and thats what we need/ I want in office.

if trump isnt your choice- that is your right and I respect your opinion. But I hope we have 12+ years left of the trump name in office and keep this train a m0vin! :)


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Looks like Iowa only released 62% of the vote with Buttigieg first and Bernie second. Jesus. Where’s the other 40% lol.
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