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OT: This has to be an all time low


Staff member
The last 2.5 years has been nothing in DC but fighting anything good for country if R’s or trump is for it. They have lost their minds & their duty to their country. DC D’s are so out of control & lost their minds - our country is being harmed to a degree we may never recover from. JFK Democrat’s are long gone!!! Socialist loons who have lost their minds are the norm.

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The thing is, that there was money allocated to PR in that fund they voted down. I'm going to shut up now before going off on a tirade.


It is going to be a good fall!
The Democrats are more concerned about foreigners/illegals and non-whites. It is a vote strategy, if they can get more votes in states like Texas, Florida and Arizona, they know they will win more elections.

Joe Biden (the hair sniffer) has been publicly apologizing for being a white male.


frightening how quickly this is happening and the size of the invasion of the southern border. The makeup of our country is going to look so much different just in 10 years. would love to hear some of your tirades on this, it keeps me awake at night the more I watch the shows on fox/cnn at night covering the state of our country.
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