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Planting speed of Cedars

Thinkin Rut

PMA Member
How many trees can 2 men with a dibble planting small bare root cedars at a moderate speed plant per hour? I was thinking 25? Thanks in advance!


Well-Known Member
With a dibble bar, in black Iowa topsoil, one person can easily plant 100+ bare root cedars in an hour. Less if the soil is hard or you're messing with precise placement, etc.

Poke your hole. Push roots into hole. Close hole. Walk a few steps to the next spot.

I planted 800 ERCs with a homemade dibble bar a few years back and it only took me a few hours, total.

150 Class

Easily more than one per minute when I go it solo. And that is without trying to hurry since I simply like doing it and being out there with nature. I could see 2 of you getting 150-200 or more if you go it on a mission to get er done.


Active Member
You all are planting them, I'm trying to get rid of them.. Time to open up the floor to sunlight! :p

1 cedar.jpg

2 cedar.jpg


Active Member
Looks like you keep the stumps about 2ft high. Is that SOP or do you ever flush cut low to the ground?

We leave high for leverage. To give the option to push over and out with a FEL later. Very easy to do when ground is softer. Many don't realize you can actually pull a decent sized cedar out of the ground by hand, their roots are rather shallow. Also, not an area I use for access or hunt within, strictly bedding & cover, so not too critical. Also allows us to work faster standing vs on knees..

As long as you cut below the lowest branch, it cleanly kills a cedar. They do not resprout.
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