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Problems with dogs...any advice?


PMA Member
Since the start of gun season 1 I have had guys running dogs through my lease (Marion County) every few days. I believe they are passing them off as coyote dogs but to be honest I have only seen them following and running deer. Also, I think it's pretty clear at this point they are intending to have them run through my lease. Any recommendations on how to handle this situation? I haven't ran into the owners yet. I believe there may be a local home owner tipping them off when I'm there or not. I did show up today and I believe they had just dropped them off. I probably surprised them because I got there a little late. I didn't know the dogs were there until I was in the stand and heard them calling them off the property pretty quickly after I had arrived. I thought about going out and having some words but I was at the back of the farm before I realized the dogs were there so no guarantee I'd catch them in time so I decided to stay put.

seven twenty

PMA Member
Had a similar situation last night. Sitting in the blind, deer are working their way closer as hoped, and the next thing you know there are 3 hounds chasing a couple does through the field. Completely ruined the hunt for a kid after his 1st deer. I’m assuming they were coyote hounds but they were on deer.

I’ve got dogs and the “we can’t stop them” argument doesn’t fly. Train them to obey or leave them at home.


PMA Member
Yeah - I'm 100% positive these dogs are chasing deer rather than coyotes. There is a dead-end B-road along the side of my farm and I believe they post up along that road.


PMA Member
Start looking for another lease depending on how good it is during bow season.
We sold our Bussey and Marysville farms in Marion because of the locals. Would never buy anything near that area again. I can’t shoot dogs because of the owners so nothing much to do. COs can never stop it.


Well-Known Member
Maybe set a bunch of snares for coyotes? Not your fault if you catch trespassing dogs. I mean you can't control what goes through your traps just like they supposedly can't control where their dogs go.
Trappers don’t need any bad press.

I agree but we have the same issues in Georgia. My thoughts are, if you like your dogs, keep them where they’re supposed to be. If that’s a problem, then you’re the problem. Not the dogs.

How could they get upset if you caught their dogs on your property? Down here, no collar, it’s SSS.


Active Member
Chipterp has it right. If your in southern marion county find a different area, those boys down there play different. Dad lived north of pershing and the locals ran coyote hounds all through deer season

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PMA Member
I had dogs run through my place in Southern Marion and dnr said there's really nothing they can do. They claimed the owners "cast" their dogs in a direction and they run, but my argument was it looked like they let them go right down my driveway. Hopefully I don't have any more problems, but if I do, I guess it would be time to take matters in my own hands.

John M.

New Member
I live northern Monroe county and have heard of this happening in several places during the firearm season but never actually witnessed it happen. But I have had countless people trying to drive my land during the firearm season with the two typical excuses, "I got turned around" or "I thought this was state land". Usually they have Polk County plates on their vehicles.
But know, its legal for a farmer to shoot a dog or dogs deemed "harassing livestock". That I have witnessed. My neighbor shot three dogs that was locked on a calve. One had a collar transmitter as well. He held onto the collar in hopes of the owner showing up but never did. Its a sad case because there's no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners in my book but I understand the farmers view as well. I don't believe in hunting anything with dogs but upland game and I firmly believe there should be stronger legislation on hunting with dogs as of time frames such as no coyote hunting with dogs during certain times of the year. But that's just my opinion.
Thanks for taking the time to read and Happy New Years to you and yours, JMG
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Bare Shelves Biden
The things I've heard about the crew out of Bussey hasn't been great. Sounds like some real winners.
There are two crews from that area! They were actually named on a thread here several years ago.

Without saying more lol some gave advice on getting out of the lease..


Well-Known Member
Hey guys. I hunt with several different crews that run coyotes with hounds. All great guys and aint one of them that will tolerate deer chasing.
A well trained hound could give 2 shitts about a deer.
When a chase is going, coyotes will often go where the deer are mostly if alot of snow on the ground.


Active Member
If I owned or leased property and was the only one wit permission to hunt and dogs are constantly running through chasing deer, odds are they may not be leaving the property! I don't like the excuse they can't control where their dogs are going and most don't really care. I can control where they go. I like dogs, but you need to respect people's property.


DNR and all enforcement needs to figure out that there is no difference between someones dog running loose on private property and someone trespassing. The fines should be the same and the trespassing charge also needs the fine increased.
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