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Quarantine nightly fishing!!


Super Moderator
Well with the country in chaos it is nice to be able to slip out back on a nightly basis and put a hurtin on some fish. The kiddos and I have been hammering the crappies and best part about is rarely do you catch one under 10"

3 year old - she likes holding them more than catching them

Ryder with a nice one!!

Best bass of his life, so far!!!

Perspective on the size my shoe is 11.7" long


Best of the year, 15.5"

Nice weather might finally be here to stay,, so looking forward to much more of this!!!


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PMA Member
Those are some good fish. No better way to hang out with the kids. I need to get my boat ready to go.

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Super Moderator
I guessed 2lbs maybe a little more. Wish I had a scale. Didn’t even have my camera that day, luckily one of the guys that joins us some evenings saw me catch it and walked down and took a pic


Well-Known Member
We caught a few at our pond a few weeks ago, we kept a few for a meal (14-16 inches) 2.1lbs was the heaviest. I know they are all different due to how thick they are. Either way them big ones are a blast! My lil guy loves it!

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