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New Member
Just wanted some input on how often u check your trail cams and how long u leave them out up to the start of the season? I know some guys only walk in a couple of times preseason and then they stay out.


Life Member
I leave them up nearly all season starting the first of june on thru the end of shed season and a little bit during the spring turkey season.

As far as leaving them out, it all depends on access to the camera, delay setting, picture mode, and where I have it set//(mineral vs trail vs scrape)

This time of year, I focus on feeding areas and trails to.


IowaWhitetail Addict
Early season, Jun1 to July1. I try to leave them for a min. of 2-3 weeks. Pull the cam and move it, wheater its 100yards or 1mile. July1-Aug1. Check them every 2 weeks, leave them in place if Im getting good pics. Aug 1 to Sept 15(or MNarchery opener) I try to leave them for atleast 9 days. I get the majority of my good pics from Aug1 to Aug20. I try to rotate my cameras as well. That way I have to go check some every weekend and not all of them in 1 weekend.

From season on, I try to check the cams every two weeks. The pre-rut and rut, every week. Late season every two weeks.



I used to check mine every 2 weeks. It is 60 miles both ways and takes 5 hours to run my "camline". Now i have been using lithiums in my homebrews. Expensive, but they last at least a month. With the heat and bugs in the summer, i have changed to checking them once a month. I always move them if they haven't seen much action, and once bow season starts, i do check them every couple weeks.

The less amount of times you check them, the less you will be leaving your scent. I also try to take a stand with me every time out. Kill two birds with one stone.

Call me lazy , but i hate the heat and humidity, along with the skeeters. So i have changed to checking them once a month.

Crimson Arrows

Well-Known Member
I was curious to what everybody thought about the "flash" on some of these cameras. I have 4 cams, 2 moultries IR and 2 CB excites. Does anybody think the flash spooks big bucks away or that one should use strictly IR? Sometimes I get the same buck over and over with a flash, other times you see them once and never again. I guess they are all different. Thanks.


Super Moderator
I leave mine out all year just because I'm addicted to them /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/blush.gif /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif Always something that's needs it's picture taken... /forum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

I use the lithium batteries as well and check them every 2-6 weeks depending....

I'm sure no flash would be better as far as "spooking" bucks but I have taken repeat pictures of a number of bucks. During the rut there are "once thru bucks" that most likely aren't coming back...flash or no flash...


New Member
I put mine out early June, after the mushroom hunting is done (high odds trespass time) and leave them out until right before first shotgun. I would leave them out longer in order to check for antler drop for shed hunting purposes but I do so much glassing that time of year that I really don't need the cams.


New Member
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: dbltree</div><div class="ubbcode-body">

I'm sure no flash would be better as far as "spooking" bucks but I have taken repeat pictures of a number of bucks. ... </div></div>

Same here, I think flash spook is a non issue to some bucks and MIGHT be an issue with others but I don't think you're going to run one out of the county with any trail cam.


The Hunt Never Ends....
I have had great luck running corn in front of my cameras in the summer, starting at the end of June, until they shed their velvet in early September.

Once they find the corn, the continually keep coming back. You can get a lot of great photos of quality whitetails. It was not uncommon this summer for my cameras to have over 600 photos per week on each of them.

The downfall to running the corn is that it gets somewhat expensive, but it is definiatley an advantage when it comes to getting quality photos of many bucks!
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