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Researching bibs: Sitka vs First Lite vs Cabelas


Fellow Iowans,
With the temps dropping, I’ve been saving my pennys for some late season gear. Being a bit of a spreadsheet geek, I put together a comparison chart. If it helps others, thought I’d post it here...

I’m leaning towards FL, but sure with one could feel and try it on before buying...

Open to your thoughts and experiences.

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I have both First lite and Sitka. I run the Stratus and First lite Solitude. I had the sanctuary but kept the solitude. If you were in NE Iowa I would gladly let you take a look. First lite is for sure a pack in as they are way to hot but super quiet and comfy. I do pack in my stratus too and they are waterproof but need a puffy under when it gets close to 30

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I just bought the fanatic set this year haven't really got to really put it to the test yet, but the little bit I've used it it's all that. Mid 30s with a base layer and sat for 5 hours and never got cold and I get cold easily. I run the FL merino base layers.


Staff member
I have heard good things on above gray Wolf woolens
IMO- coat for me is more important.... I say that cause I own all 3 bibs: Cabela’s, Sitka incinerator & first lite. All are heavy duty & nice. Spose it’s fairly close with coats. Maybe in my head but incinerator coat maybe tiny edge? All 3 are very warm & high quality. Late season I run some Irish setter pack boots and heavy duty winter gloves..... tons of merino base layers and great neck & hat stuff. Maybe get “chilly” on the worst days but nothing bad. If wind & in it- yikes... better have major wool & maybe heater body suit.
im sitting lil nicer than when I was a kid and my thought was this “ok, I’ll put on 5 pairs of gym socks, 5 sweatshirts/sweatpants and my ski hat & gloves”. Walked to spot like a marshmallow. Full of sweat. Froze my tail off every stinkin time. Remember those “stretchy gloves” 15-20+ years ago (still around) - put like 3 of those on and then my ski gloves. ‍ While freezing every late hunt - usually never saw a deer. ;)
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Sitka Fantastic for bow hunting 100% break out the Incinerator when it gets cold things is light and easy to pack .. If you walk in it you will pass out handles the rain and snow as well..
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