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Same buck, Huge Jump


Active Member
Wow that thing is a beast now! How old do you think he is now?

We had a buck in Wisconsin that was killed 2 years ago scored 175". Had him aged as a 3.5 year old. The year before we found his sheds and he was low 130s. 40+ inch jump in a year. Pretty unreal.


Active Member
I don't think it is the same deer.......just kidding, great buck. Imagine if he jumps that much next year!


Well-Known Member
Great buck. Just goes to show you, you never truly know what a buck could blow into with just "one more year". The brows are a dead give away its the same deer. Is he still active on your cameras??


Active Member
He has been bouncing around quite a bit. Neighbors have been getting him on cam more regular than me. Just hoping his sheds end up on our farm
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