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Soybeans no tilled into last years brassicas


Active Member

I planted the gfr, rye, purple top mix last year and used sorghum around it to create a security fence. So this spring went in and no tilled into it all and wow what a difference.


Life Member
The gfr and turnip mix that DblTree talks about sure is growing on me and our deer herd. Hard to argue against the results from the last year. Pics like this don't lie. Was tough to stick with the program after watching the deer turn their noses up to the plots for over two years. Over night last winter something changed. We are slowing transitioning away from the traditional corn and soybean plots. Change is always tough and I doubt we will ever completely leave out soybeans. Corn is a different story.


PMA Member
Looking good Briar :way:

We did something similar...broadcast seeded a new plot of RR soybeans into former pasture ground that we burned and then disced. Here are the tools I used...hand seeded then drug them in with a Ranger and an old bed spring.

And here's what they looked like a few days ago when we went down to do some weed control.

A bit thin in places, but overall looking pretty good.



Staff member
Looking good! Looks like the atrazine or pre-emergent you used on your sorghum the year before has a little residual. Nice plots!
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