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Squeaky Stand

Hey guys! I have a hang on stand mounted with two ratchet straps that has a squeak when the platform flexes as I shift weight on it. I've narrowed it down to the bottom strap squeaking. I'm thinking either where the hook hooks the stand (rubber coated hook into hole in angle iron) or where the strap first meets the bark of the tree near the hook. I'm thinking about spraying some silicone on each part separately to see if that helps to narrow it down further, but haven't had it with me when I'm at the stand. Just wondering if anyone has a good way to stop the squeak if it is one of those points.


Super Moderator
Plastic bag works well. Otherwise restraint, sometimes those straps are overly tight and that can cause the squeak


Land of the Whitetail
Any have a picture of the plastic bag trick? I have the same problem with a squeaky stand on occasion and it drives me insane. Seems to be worse when its cold. I've tried loosening and retightening the stand, changing straps etc. I can't even narrow down where the sound is coming from. Not sure if its the straps themselves or maybe the metal of the stand where it presses against the tree.
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