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Stan Onnex resistance shooting video


Active Member
Well the wind finally got below 40 mph. LOL. The entire weekend was really windy here in NW Missouri. My boys finished up a video of their Stans last night. They are loving these. Hoping to get them rock solid on these and then maybe work on thumb releases and maybe even hinges with them. The trainer peg I think will also help improve aiming and follow through.
After watching them shoot I ordered an Element for myself to mess around with. It was on sale at Lancaster. So I just had too. LOL

Kids enjoying archery….


Active Member
Well I got my Stan Element yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to shoot it any. We did adjust it some and shoot it on a trainer cord.
My 10 year old may decide to trade me his OnneX. If he can shoot the element better I will trade him. The element is a little smaller and may fit his hand better. Time will tell.


PMA Member
I started shooting a back tension release in 2019. I chose the carter silverback that John Dudley helped produce. He has a video series on YouTube called school of nock. If any one has issues with target panic or trigger punching I highly recommend getting a back tension release and going through his series....It WILL make you a better archer.


Active Member
They have shot them for just a few weeks. The 10 year old has a new bow, new arrows, higher poundage and the new release. He has shot one 30 round scoring session. His PB was 285 with 4 x’s. This first try he went 287 with 12 x’s and he hit right the whole time.
The 13 year old went from 290 PB to 299 and that one arrow was a line call.
So far I would say they have been awesome to force you to shoot correctly.


Active Member
Well we took the boys to their first ever 3D shoot. It was kind of just a fun shoot(not sanctioned). There was only one set of markers at each target. Geared toward good adult compound shooters.
Most of the shots were 35-55 yards. Some of the very small targets were 29 yards. Was very happy with how the boys did considering they were shooting at long yardages.. especially for a 10 year old. He has to use the bottom of his sight housing to shoot 55. With his HHA slider lite he can only get to 38 yards with the pin and still have a 10 yard mark. So many of the 49 to 53 yard targets I had him shoot 55 just so he had a way to aim. Tackett ended up with a 278 and Wyatt with a 218.(have no clue at all how anyone else did)

The funnest part was the moving Goat target. Wyatt connected at 25, 35, 45, and just barely missed at 55. Tackett made it to 75 yards and ended up in the final 2 man shoot down. He missed and the other guy made a heart shot! LOL So Tackett took 2nd..I was wondering how they would do with these new resistance releases on a moving target, but they did fine.

Then they had a 90 yard elk shoot. We had only got Tackett set up with a 90 yard mark on his slider a few days before the shoot, and he only shot at 90 a few rounds. They started at 50 and worked back to 90. Tackett ended up in the final 6 shooters at 90 yards. Then there were 2 shooters left again. Tackett and another guy. They both shot and the closest to the center of the 12 was gonna be the winner. I honestly think the other guy had Tackett by about 1/4".(trying to compare/measure with an arrow). He then piped up with a, "Do you want to shoot again? Too close to call?" Tackett of course said sure. So back to 90 they went. This time he was about 4" closer than the other guy. So Tackett ended up "winning" the 90 yard elk challenge. I really wish the other guy hadn't piped up so quick with the offer of shooting again, because in all reality I think he won it by 1/4" the round before. Looking back I should have said best 2 out of 3?, but since this was our first appearance at a shoot like this I was in stand back and be quiet mode.

All in all it was a great experience. Had no clue what to expect. First time to go to a 3d shoot. First time to be in a "whose is closest" to the center dilemma(with no ruler LOL).
First time to shoot at a moving target. We discovered that the scoring circles often aren't where you figured they would be.

So this is just an update on how they are doing with their new resistance releases....having a blast!
Tackett did make the statement that there is no way he could have made it back to 90 yards with a thumb or index release, "I would have punched it!".

OPTION 1) I am thinking after a year or two then I might get him back into a thumb or trigger or hinge release. It's all in his head closed vs open loop. LOL

OPTION 2) Or, maybe I could send him to live with Joel Turner for a year, Bodie seems to be doing "OK".



Life Member
We received ten of the new OnneX releases from Stan this week and in a few days had sold half of my order - more on the way already.
THis is going to be a great release lineup


Life Member
Archery shop in Pella - Buck Hollow Sports - long time supporter of Iowa Whitetail - my banner ad is probably on the top of the page
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