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Stealth Cam


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I'm usually hesitant to try any company that has like 20 different product models, like stealth cam has trail cams. That being said, I picked up a 2 pack from Scheels on sale for like $75 bucks this winter. If they last 2 years I figure I'll get my money's worth out of them. It's funny cuz in the past I swore I would never buy another stealth cam again because they ate batteries, missed a ton of pictures and just flat out failed to work. I do see a fair amount of guys on FB using them, but I trust their opinion about as much as a politicians since they are "sponsored" or partnered with them. Hopefully I got a good run in these cheapo cams I got out. Time will tell.

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Hunting public I use cheap cams. I have a Stealth Cam PX14 and 2 QS12's. The PX14 is in year 4 with no issues. The QS12's are probably what Meyer bought. 1 works fine except for the slow trigger speed. The other is junk. It worked for about a month, and now takes photos continuously until the batteries die or the cards full. My brother had a better one in the $175 range that worked great until it disappeared.
I have the stealth Cam Cellular. I've had 3 of them out since October 11th. Two of them are still running on original batteries. I'm amazed with battery life. Picture quality is just as good as any other cell cam


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we have talked on this subject in PM - but just seeing this thread. I am associated through Stealth Cam via a social media page I am apart of - but would certainly give honest feedback on the cameras.

I personally am not a fan of the P and Q series- any movement causes issues on picture clarity and the date/time would seem to change for no reason. Those get a pass from me every time.

The G series I would recommend as the picture quality is there and batteries last and they arent a top end cost wise camera.

The DS4k is hands down the best camera I have personally ever used- the sound on video mode is amazing and the 4K video is second to none. The 30MP photos are as clear as it gets as well. 12 batteries is a lot but they last- even on video mode which I mainly run with the 4K

The Cell cams have been hit and miss with me- where I have cell service and some learning curve I have really begun to like them- especially for shed inventory. The upload quality on video wasnt good at all so I have it all in photo mode and it is better. But having cell service and these cameras will certainly help on those farms where its a long drive to check Dont have other history on other Cell cams to compare quality to- but I will be increasing my arsenal in areas I can utilize them and dont have fear of them being stolen.


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Im using the sealth cam flx whenever I go out hunting or metal detecting. I used to have a wxa cellular camera but I dont like the quality of the picture so I just had to replace them.
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