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Taitn's first hunt is successful


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I have been working with a close friend of mine son on target practice all year as he has never really been around shooting or hunting and has shown interest in going hunting. Well has a hectic schedule for a 12 year old kid, but last night we were able to sneak out for a quick evening sit. I brought him to one of the better farms I have permission one as far as deer numbers go and we had a goal of shooting the first mature deer (doe or buck) that walked by. We werent antler hunting, but we both secretly was hoping for a giant:)

we didnt arrive until 6:00 so this was going to a quick hunt! We spotted two doe out in the CRP so taitn and I approached from down wind and gave it our best. We werent graceful by any means and obviously didnt get into a comfortable range for Taitn, so we had to regroup. We snuck up to the upper alfalfa field with about 35 minutes of light left and there are deer all over it. We had one mature doe in range so we are settling in and Taitn is about to shoot and a buck jumps the fence into the field......and hes HUGE. We quickly change our focus to him but the grass was just slightly too tall for Taitn and the angle the buck was so we had to take one step for a clear shot and we got busted. My heart sank- easily a booner and largest deer ive ever seen on that farm. We sit there and discuss what happened and that we should wait it out as we have time left and about 10 minutes later another buck jumps the fence. Feeds to 50 yards and turns broadside and Taitn let it rip. Heart shot- didnt go 20 yards! One of the largest bodied deer ive ever had to load into my truck- thing was a tank.

He had quite a first ever hunt and was exciting to witness



Well-Known Member
Congrats Taitn and thanks Bdahms for getting a youth involved. That is a great deer.


PMA Member
Congrats to him. So awesome of an experience. And thanks to you for teaching someone young about our sport.


Well-Known Member
Congrats to you both! Once again the smile on that young mans face says it all! Thanks for getting another youth involved!
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