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TheMadCatter’s 2022 Adventure Thread


Staff member
Yes, the rancher decided to let the elk go to complete waste. It’s their way of life out there, it’s just so different to our way of life.


That really sucks. I like Iowa's laws much better - although they can be abused. How were you able to determine it was a tiny hole?


Staff member
That really sucks. I like Iowa's laws much better - although they can be abused. How were you able to determine it was a tiny hole?
I have the shot on video, and I shot a bunch of animals with this gun/bullet combo and had zero expansion. Copper 150gr E-Tip


Staff member
Is this just cause they don't like non residents? Did you get any pictures of it from 20 yards away?
No, I can’t speak for what they like/don’t like. Because I know plenty of Resident Public land Hunters who have lost animals this way too.

It sucks, but, it’s the landowners 4th amendment right out here. I’ve decided to set back from social media for a while after all the hate I’ve been receiving from Wyoming Residents and Ranchers just trying to inform them. I’ve been called everything in the book including a bad hunter a cry baby who is playing victim (not the case) just because I shot at a bull in a limited draw area on public land and it ran to private. I’m warning others of what it’s like in Wyoming so they can attempt to avoid my mistake. I needed a bigger caliber and wait a little bit longer for the bull to fully commit to the public (300-400 yard buffer is best). But, I was confident in my abilities and it didn’t pay off for me. A bull suffered (not just because of me in my opinion, but, everybody has those) and meat spoiled/rotted.

I’m going to leave it at that and chalk this in my wild adventures of hunting. It’s definitely a low feeling in my life.
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Kind of like the Iowa non resident landowner tag scenario. The laws are right there and you gotta live by them. I'm sorry you had to lose that elk, but if one rancher let some guy riding his fence line get an elk then all of them would be expected to. Can't imagine how many landowners out west have to deal with public land fence riders every year. "Oh, I'm sorry, didn't realize I was 100 yards on your property!" *wink wink nudge nudge*

As stated above, sounds like it's time to look at different ammo that performs better and keep pumping it to them if they're alive.

Again, sorry, that's a rough deal.


I see it now- Non resident trying to change Wyoming laws

But all honesty- that sucks and like others said- time for a new bullet


Land of the Whitetail
Hope you keep posting Josh. Dont let other people tear you down. Doesnt matter you do in life, there will be people to criticize it.. Im positive for everyone one person that wants to tear you down there are several that enjoy seeing what you do.


PMA Member
Sounds like it is past time for a new bullet or caliber.
Not hijack this thread...but I recently had an experience that has me questioning bullet choice on my muzzleloader. When I first started hunting with a muzzy years ago I used fairly conventional lead sabots. To my recollection I had good to excellent blood trails and/or DRT outcomes.

Then along came fancier looking, and presumably more advanced, copper hollow nosed bullets and I started using them. No real reason...I was not dissatisfied with the performance of the lead, I just thought the newer, copper ones would be even better.

So, fast forward a number of years in which I have shot probably a dozen deer with the copper hollow points. I don't think I have ever lost one, but I certainly had several skimpy blood trails, often without an exit wound.

Just last week, realizing that I had finally used up my last copper hollow points and not having time to get them restocked before hunting last Monday evening...I just used one of the lead sabots that I still had. BOOM! DRT, just like days of old. And good blood and an exit wound had the thing run off.

Hmmmm...I don't think I will be spending $$$'s for the copper hollow points anymore. I am far from a ballistics expert, but I think I am better off with the lead sabots.

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