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Active Member
Vman recently replaced the sensor on my camera. While the new sensor is in the camera the evidence he let behind suggest he may have been sleeping on the job. What do you all think? Sleeping or may be some other bodily function is taking place.



Life Member
when did he form that large growth out the top of his melon? I think I would get it removed if I was him.


Active Member
Note to self,
Remember to format the cards before I send the cameras back to the user.


PMA Member
Looks like Vman around 3am playing Texas Holdum at Hogies... well maybe one more beer...


PMA Member
That's to funny.

Ironwood where did you shoot you 2003 Buck at the Camp? Been out Bowhunting there yet.


Active Member
John Boy, I have never killed a deer out at the camp. I thought I would hunt there this year but as of yet I have not.

Yes, SplitG3 may have something there.


Yeah, I agree with SplitG3. I see a bat hanging in the cave! Plus I'm not a Dr. or anything even though it's been fun playing one sometimes but I think I would get that growth on top of your head checked out!
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