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10-27 buck


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Long winded story sorry in advice

This story starts 3 years ago with the first set of trail camera pictures of this deer. Narrow body wide rack deer that had a ton of potential if he could make it a couple of more years. 2021 comes an, this deer was very aggressive, if he was in the plot eating the pumpkins no other deer could be in the pumpkins. I had my sights set on different bucks for the archery season and didn't want to burn a tag on him until late season if he came through. (Lucky for me he never showed late season.)

2022 I get cameras out in July an almost instantly I start getting picture of a very wide 11. It took about a month for everything to click that it was ahole from the year before he had blown up. He was very regular on the farm 2-3 times per week. November 7th I climbed the tree a half hour before sun up watching the world wake up I heard a wig snap behind me look up an there he was 20 yards aways walking right at me. Grab the bow off the hanger. (Thought I clipped my release on the string). Went to draw an I draw air. Straight panic mode as he's at 14 yards in my lane. Get hooked up and rush the shot. He runs 50 yards an stops. He stands there scanning his surroundings. At this point I can see blood on his opposite side front leg but no hole. I'm in disbelief. How could I miss at 14 yards.... I ended up grazing his opposite front leg. An created a muscle wound. Followed blood jumped him after 9 hours determined none fatal hit. Last encounter for 2022.

2023 rolls around get the cameras later than normal with 2 little kids life just gets crazier an crazier it seems. Me an the daughter are going through one of the first card pulls an I stop. I look at my daughter an wife an say he's still alive an around. Unbelievable.... A month goes by an no more pictures of him hmmm did he get hit on the super slab, did he move what's going on all this running through my mind. Boom shows back up August 15th more tines than the year before an very pointy. At this point I tell myself he is only buck I'm shooting this year. Fast forward to 10th of October an i get my last picture of him when he'd spent all his time the year before. I start second guessing again. Super slab, a neighbor, did he move so I moved a couple of cameras on the 21 an he shows up the 2nd night. Alright sweet located him he's just moved a little bit. I got off work an hour early 10-27 an get situated in my tree by 2:45. Have a small doe come by about 330. Then seen a few bucks around 4:30. Then some more quarter to 5 then. 4 more at 5:10. As I'm glassing the 4 smaller bucks in the field I look on the timber edge an here stands ahole. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, no way did this deer day light with and hour an fifteen minutes of daylight left. Couple small bucks started sparring and he broke that up real quick. Then stepped out a great 3 year old on this farm and him an ahole postured up to one another but never squared off. Then he vanished. All I could think was how did I lose sight of a deer of this size. I started glassing where he was standing an see a tree inside the timber just getting abused. 20 minutes go by an he comes out 100 yards south of where I originally seen him. This puts him about 150 yards from me. He starts walking towards some deer on top of the hill but stops an turns an starts going back the way he just came. I grab the horns an tickle them together. He stops picks his head up and flickers his tail. He comes on a string walking very quickly. I'm trying to decide what way he is going to go with my set up trying to get the slider sight set for shot opportunities. He ended up coming right where I needed him to. Slightly quartered to, lead leg forward at 18 yards an he stopped naturally. Pin on him an squeezed it off. 10 ringed him ran 60 yards an piled up in the field. The emotions that came with this deer is something I've never experienced with chasing these beautiful creatures. To say we live in the best state in American is an understatement. Thankful, greatful, and blessed at the opportunity of a world class animal. Rough scored at 170 2/8 will get a picture with him an bow for team contest.

Thanks for the reading.


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