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First shotgun buck


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My oldest son is 5.5 and in his second season hunting. He has shot two does and a small 7pt buck. This year he was looking for a "fur mounter" sized buck. I thought for sure we'd get it done during youth season, I was home for two weeks on paternity leave as we had our third son Sept 21st. We hunted a lot of evenings during youth season but it was terrible, saw very few deer. Little did we know at the time deer were dropping like flies from EHD right where we were hunting. He passed a couple small bucks and ended up shooting a doe (we'll let kids shoot a doe but the adults are holding off for a few years, it's bad!).

We then hunted early muzzy and hunting picked up a little, we at least saw some deer but we couldn't get a buck inside 100yds for Hudson. I was shocked when early muzzy ended we hadn't even had a close call with a good buck for him!

Shotgun 1 came around and we were supposed to be out of town for the weekend but plans changed. Opening day Hudson and I were able to sneak out for the evening. The blind we choose wasn't really my first choice, it's one we hunted a lot during youth and early muzzy. It was good back then but once leaves fell on the trees seems like the security cover in the small wood lots was gone and the deer didn't live here nearly as often. But there was a trail cam near by that needed new batteries, I had left some gear in the blind I needed for gun season, and curiosity had me wanting to go sit and see what action was like in the plot later in the season. The hunting was slow - I'll share the video of the hunt vs typing it all out.

It was a great evening together with Hudson. He experienced the highs and lows of deer hunting in a short amount of time on this hunt. It's so fun getting the kids out. My motivation to hunt is really tied to getting them out. Now that he's got his buck I'm content with the season, which is weird to say with one month left. May have to set some traps or chase some squirrels and rabbits with the boys now.

Congrats Hudson!!!
Ehd stinks, dang it!!!!
Good luck on the squirrels & rabbits- fun!!!!
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