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Gun bucks

Nada. Youngest shot a doe. Oldest shot a coyote. Saw and shot more coyotes in our group than we ever have. Crazy how many we saw.
Dad and I sat Saturday and Sunday. Saw does and a couple little guys, but numbers were way down here. I know there are at least a couple good ones that ehd didn't get. Going to need colder weather to bring them in to our food plots. Hopefully catch up with them late muzzleloader.
Here is the score card from this weekend
*EHD carcasses-11
*Our group of 12 - 2 bucks

The bucks were shot by a middle schooler on the second property we hunted on Saturday. Both were mature bucks
We intentionally passed on does/fawns. We saw about 7 of those and two other bucks. Six of the 10 runs saw zero deer

Last January, saw 60+ deer on a similar two day weekend on those properties. That was with a group of 4 during late muzzleloader
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