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Hunter harassment??? Stories??

I was hunting Iowa in sub-zero temps back in January 2009. Actuals were around minus 8... cold. A known anti-hunting liberal neighbor knew that most of the deer came off her ground and into the block I was setup on. She proceeded to walk the road back and forth, back and forth, back and forth in about a 70 yards stretch for over an hour, trying to keep deer from heading over my way. She left about 20 minutes before dark. I killed a nice buck 10 minutes before dark. LOL!!!
Permission piece shotgun 2 nd shotgun. Buddy owns farm to the west overgrown Christmas tree farm, good cover. Farm to east was split by son and nephew of original owner.

Buddy has agreement with son, you hunt my ground 1st season I hunt your ground 2nd. Nephew won’t let us on his ground, all the deer are mine kinda guy.

Send a buddy up to post on the half we have permission on, not a good cover farm but a great skip point. Yeah we party hunt but shoot does and nice bucks( mostly does)

Neighbor drives up to my buddy posting and cusses him out( with my buddies 8 year old son next to him) and tells him Chad, me is a liar and we don’t have permission there. My buddy left and the guy proceeded to drive up and down all the fingers blaring his horn.

My dad and I were posting the drive, dad had limited mobility issues due to chronic back pain so we tried to pick spots he could drive his utv and sit close to it. Anyway Dad killed his best buck ever on that drive.

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Flip side, pheasant hunting family ground in central South Dakota with same buddies. Driving a rented suv with New York license plate. Farmer comes driving up on a dirt section road, asks who we are hunting on. Tell him Duenwalds, he says we are going to start combining this corn across the road, the pheasants will pile into this crp I own across the road, go ahead and hunt it if you want.

Not all landowners are pricks

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On a brighter note.
This may seem strange to you fellas.
About 10 12 years ago, my X and I filled out in early Nov.
I told her I'd like to offer a hunt for 2 disabled Vets.
She said "great idea".
Put an add in the Fargo Forum, newspaper that reached about 100,00 people.
Stipulations were, 2 Vets were allowed to hunt my ground, no charge, access to my cabin, food/beds ect.
2 week window to call in and I'd draw names.
Had quite a few guys call and thanked me for the gesture and offered to come help drag out deer/gutt/cook/clean and several offered to buy food.

Not ONE single responce from a vet.
I used to let a group of neighbors shotgun group hunt our farm to "keep the peace" until I got serious about habitat management. I told them my place was closed to group hunting but they could take the kids and sit in a blind but they had to stay out of the center. They respect it and don't cross lines but bash me to every neighbor and farmer. I was confronted by a farmer for it and I put him in his place. The popular thing to do now is to pile deer carcasses on my property and dump garbage in the ditches. Passive-aggressive spoiled local yocals...typical.
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