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Hunting the World ?!?!?


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I just saw a show on the Outdoor Channel called 'Hunting the World' with Larry Weishunn ...... it was filmed at the Timber Ghost Ranch somewhere in Iowa...... he shot a real nice buck with a RIFLE..... since when is any kind of rifle legal to hunt deer in Iowa... it was not blackpowder.... it had brass cartridges and was smokeless when he shot... anyone else see it or have an explanation......
Cornfed, I saw the same show tonight. I had the same question. Because if that show was filmed in iowa, I would say that nice buck was poached. Thats pretty clear evidence for a conviction too. It's kinda like watching monster bucks nine. whenever they hunted on the kinsky ranch in southern iowa, they were waring camoflage blaze orange. If I recall correctly blaze orange must be solid to be legal in iowa.
I did not see the show last night but I have seen other shows with Larry hunting whitetails with a hand gun on the Timber Ghost Ranch. As I recall they said they were in Michigan...??? Maybe Iam mistaken?
Upon investigating this question I have found the answer. Timber ghost ranch is in iowa and it is a hunting "preserve" which means(i think) that they own that deer. which means you could harvest the deer with whatever you wanted to. This would deffinately be considered a canned hunt if i am correct. they would have too be hunting inside a fenced area for this to be legal.
I think throat patch is right. Timberghost ranch must be a fenced in ranch. Most of those ranches allow you to shoot whatever weapon you want.
I guess I just don't get it fellows..... landowners can't use whatever weapon they want..... does the fence have to be high enough that the deer can't leave the property to be considered a private 'ranch'.......

I think 'Mr Whitetail' aka Larry Weishuhn should learn to hunt with a bow or shotgun if he wants to hunt Iowa..... just my 2 cents worth......
Timberghost is a high fence area. Still does not seem right that they should be able to use a rifle.Its my understanding Iowa is shotgun because of the terrain.
I would assume that a "deer preserve" would have to have tagged deer, just like pheasants and other birds on a hunting preserve have to have a band identifying them as preserve birds. Doesn't necessarily mean you couldn't shoot a wild bird, or buck in this case, but are really "hunting" the tagged preserve animal. DNR could tell you for certain, I'm just expressing opinion based on what little I know about preserve hunting.

Logic says it isn't unreasonable to allow rifle hunting in such a case--a farmer can go out and shoot his cows with a rifle if he wants to, or if you're willing to pay the right amount I'd guess most farmers would let someone else, also. And not a lot of difference either, could find a farmer with a really big pasture if you wanted to be "sporting". Deer should make a nicer mount than ol' Bessy, but would get more meat from the cow.

If they're going to hunt in that manner, I'm not sure that a slug gun or pistol is enough compensation. Ought jump on their back with a bowie knife in their teeth.
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