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IL Archery Buck


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After a tough week in Indiana, with a close encounter with my target buck that ended without a shot I headed to IL for a week hunt.

I had 2 bucks that were showing up frequently during daylight hours on cam that I was targeting. During my first sit on Sunday the 10th I had one of my shooters show up and close to 65yds before deciding to head the other direction with a doe. I was pumped to be able to see him but disappointed I couldn’t close the deal.

The morning of the 11th the wind was perfect to sit in the core of where I had been receiving regular pics of my 2
Shooters, I slipped in quietly and instantly had action. As the morning light broke everything felt right, slight NW wind, thermals carrying the scent straight out of the timber tops and a great cool down from the day before. Action started early and from 7-9:00, not 5 minutes went by without seeing deer. Lots of rutting action and a surprise visit from a beautiful 9pt that i had never seen before that I couldn’t get a clean shot at.

At 10:15 the woods exploded, deer after deer rolled thru and within a 15 minute span I laid my eyes on 7 different bucks, the last of which was one of my known shooters. I heard a large crack straight in front of me and saw a large bodied deer but its head was hidden. I grabbed the bow instantly as I thought shooter. As he stepped out at 40yds I knew the buck well and went into go mode! I contemplated the shot at 40 but only needed him to chose the correct trail for him to be in my lap. He made the right choice and at 21yds and slightly quartered away I deflated him. I didn’t hear him crash but knew he was in big trouble.

After an easy track job I found him piled up 60yds away!

As he laid, exit side

So awesome when a plan comes together


Back at it in Indiana, hopefully my target buck makes a mistake!
u guys are having a great season. Well deserved!!! Congrats on a dandy!!!!!!
Heck of a deer Jarin, sounded like a great day in the woods.

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