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Jolie’s 2022 Buck

Marty Edwards

PMA Member
November 8th, 2022, we hopped in a Banks blind on a clover/chicory together at about 2pm. It was Hot and the sun was still too high. About 3:30 the clouds rolled in and I opened up the front window of the blind & rattled. In less than a minute this dude was in the clover plot walking sideways at the DSD. At 18 steps, Jolie let the perfect arrow go and he didn’t make it out of the plot. Captured the whole thing on video on my phone. Fun hunt!CC50368C-16D4-44B4-B49E-3D69BB9F5DBD.jpegIMG_1932.jpegIMG_1933.jpegIMG_1934.jpegIMG_1928.jpeg
Thanks for all the nice comments guys. She’s tough to keep up with, she hunts her tail off and earns it. That said, this was one of the fastest bow hunts from start to finish I’ve ever been a part of in 45 years of hunting…so, anecdotally, I guess, as bow hunters, we get an “easy one” about every 45 years or so
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