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My new #1 target for the season….


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Not a joke. I love this stuff!!! This one finally got the confirmation “he’s getting targeted!!!” So critical to hunt or tag these!!! I’ll be hunting him but 1st person with a shot- he’s going down. I just confirmed his picture from last year so now that the game is on…. Oh man!! Hopefully I don’t bring out the jealous mobs of guys when someone takes down a true giant!! ;). Seriously though, I will be very happy if I could tag this older buck thats aggressive, smart & taking room up of nice younger bucks.

Good luck with getting him killed Skip. More guys need to embrace culling those poor genetic bucks.

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This one I wasn’t lucky enough to be the hunter but glad the buck got caught up with!

I wouldn’t say I have a pile to shoot. But - I’d say for every “good buck” a guy would want to hunt…. There’s probably as many “bully” / “management bucks” or bucks that are peaked out that need targeted. If didn’t keep up with those - any farm can be fairly lopsided for what dominates it. Let’s say a 160 acre farm had 3 mature bucks that might be around (making that up)…. If no one ever targets the bullies/mgmt bucks - many times it’s all bullies that take up those 3 spots. If shoot them all- “other bucks” will take over those spots.
It’s still fun & hunting to get them. But- if think of it strictly on a “management level” …. It’s very much like weeding a garden …. You take out weeds so what you want there can flourish.
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