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My Son Charlie shows Dad how it’s done!!!


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Proud of my little man Charlie. This is his 4th buck. His biggest.
He missed him early season. Took it how any of us can imagine- bummed out. I’m guessing we had 15-ish sits in for this guy. I had him walk in front of me about 3-4 times - every time Charlie wasn’t with me!!!!
He came out the night I shot my buck before. We went back to same spot last night. He came out about 125 yards. Got to about 100 & tiny quartering away & Charlie shot one right through the lungs. Ran about 25 yards - stood there & put 2nd one through the lungs. We all got back to house, got the fam together to go retrieve him & take pics.
he was incredibly excited & 3-ish months of making up for that miss got made up for. Proud dad & happy son. Buck is 7.5. Very aggressive - I’d prefer the word: NASTY. Broke both brows & full of fight marks.
he’s being made into jerky & deer sticks & Charlie can enjoy him every day at school & dad will spring for a mount. Since he’s got his lawn biz- hes gonna contribute a bit to the mount. ;). Made my season! :)
Great job young man!!! Keeping your composure on a big buck isnt easy even for experienced hunters!!! Nice job dad!!!

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Fantastic. Congrats Charlie on staying with it and hitting your goal. That is a great old buck.
Great buck Charlie! Sounds like you put the smack-down on that bruiser, nothing more rewarding than getting redemption!
Nice work to the kiddo! Perseverance pays off, glad he could reconnect on a stud of a buck!

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Congratulations Charlie.
So fun to watch your kids or grandkids shoot these incredible animals.
It even gets way more exciting when your with them at the moment.
Love it when family is involved also.
Redemption! It always feels good to seal the deal with one that got away. Congrats to you both.

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