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Olivia pops her best buck


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My 14 year old high school freshman has been struggling to get good conditions this fall. Dealing with high school homework, volunteering at the food pantry, a first job, and just being kinda lazy in general has made it kind of tough to get on a deer.

The heat had shut us out a couple times, but we did locate a good bachelor group. Lucky for Olivia, her brother Alex has been busy with football so he hasn't been able to hunt much. Last Monday it looked a little cooler so we got out to the blind early. This is a place where we've bumped the same bachelor group 2x.

Soon after sitting down we had a fawn work on in. Then a doe. Then a dunk. As these deer milled around I suddenly looked up and saw a rack pop over the rise. I whispered to get ready and take the first shot presented. We had spent plenty of time looking over pics and talking about angles for shot placement. Since this was actually her last night to hunt youth season I wanted her to make the Bushmaster bark at first opportunity.

At 75 yards he went broadside and she absolutely smoked him. He staggered 40 yards and barrel rolled. A perfect shot for her biggest buck in her last hunt as a youth hunter. Hoping she continues to want to hunt with me as she gets older. The Iowa City area makes it hard to showcase hunting, but if there's one thing this girl does have is an " I DGAF what anyone thinks" attitude.

Cheers all, have a fun safe season


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Great deer and good times. Perfect shot. Love the Iowa and Busch Light sweatshirts. Congrats.
Congrats to you and your daughter. Hopefully this opens up the flood gates on the harvest reports.

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That’s fantastic!!! Well deserved & proud dad raising great kiddos!!!!
Cold weather - good luck to everyone else out there too!!!
Great to hear the success!! Congrats and hopefully your thread will get things fired up on IW!
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