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Open Country Buck


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I found a place to hunt much closer to home to save on travel time and quicker hunts. The area is wide open crop fields with tree lined creeks. My confidence was zilch on hunting it for the fourth time in two years!
I’m used to hunting large wooded tracts and not edges. The stand has one of the best travel routes, pinch points, funnels I could ask for. I’m sitting on a north south creek with a deep feeder creek straight behind my stand and a west feeder creek 80 yards north of the stand. I never expected to see many deer when hunting it but everything was in my favor if deer were moving through the area. Found a buck bed when hanging my cameras 60 yards east across the creek.

I don’t pay any attention to buck beds but was cool to find.
Looking east behind the stand were the two meet and shot him down in the creek as he was going to the other side.
I’ve never seen him before and the brow tines is what got him shot. When I heard a noise behind me at 9:30 all I seen were the brows. They looked 10 inches tall and that’s because they start way up on the beam. He hides his 23 inch plus beams and his 19 inch spread but lacks decent mass.
Third year in a row for Veterans Day bucks. This kill was a cake walk as I had help getting him out of the creek, taking pics and loading him up plus I could drive right to the spot. Very happy to have another successful season and not having to grind anymore!
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