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Question for pheasant hunters


My step dad is wanting to get a bird dog. He has decided that he wants to get a pointer, but he doesn't really know a lot about them. He has trained many coonhounds but never a bird dog. What is a good pointer that doesn't need a ton of training. Just wanted to hear some of your guys input! Thnks in advance.
How about these bird dogs? I got my Vizsla from Nebraska so he has better teeth than these Southern dogs.
I've always had German Shorthairs. Very smart birdy dogs, You need to watch who you buy them from though. If you get a pure feild trial bloodline they are big runners, something I personally don't like.
ive used a brittany ... but now i have a blakc lab mixed with a rot whiler and a chealsee she took a bit more traingin but shes a smart dog....
I don't pheasant hunt very often due to bow season, but my dad is out in the field every weekend bird hunting. He has used brittany's his whole life. He bought the brittany in the picture from a kennel in New Jersey, and this is his 2nd best dog yet. Overall, it all just depends on what type of dog you like. A dog has to have good genetics, and good training to be a consistenly successful hunting dog.
BRITTANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had labs, shorthairs, chessy, and those damn whinnywimers and I'll take a Brit any day. As a matter of fact I have 3 pups for sale right now,3 months old 1 male and 2 females $125. Selling them half price because I didn't get to them quick enough to have the tail docked. Doc Carr in Sioux City will do it for $65 no matter the age.
I personally like my shorthairs but any of the above mentioned dogs (except those southern vizlas)
will do a great job for him with the right breeding and training. Good Luck.
Here's a breed you might have to look-up to even know what they look like: Gordon Setter. I owned one for 11 hunting seasons. She was a great hunter and a better house dog. They are truely a wonderful breed.
I'll take the brittany any day. I have hunted over them for the last 15 years, have had two males and two females, three of which are still alive and hunting. They are awesome dogs both in the field and in the house.

I have hunted over a lot of dogs and personally I don't think you can beat them. However, I would ask to take a look at the mom and dad to make sure they aren't wild because I have heard some of them can get high strung (just never experienced it). I also like the brittany's because it seems like you can find good dogs for under 300 bucks.

Bred and trained shorthairs for 20 yrs.My last one lasted 14yrs,just havent had the time to replace him and train a new one. Great hunters and family pet good with kids!!
My step dad wanted to get a English setter because thats what his brother has and he loves it. He just doesnt have that kind of money to spend on a dog!
Had a English Setter for many years. Still think they are the prettiest dogs on point. I love em all....Shorthairs, Vizla's, Labs.... put the time in in the early years and you will be rewarded with a great dog for many enjoyable years.
only english setter we had was a runner. english setters, german shorthairs, english pointers, all carry a sterotype of being hardheaded, big runners, because they have a big following in field trial dogs. unless you are hunting from horseback, buy your pup from regular hunting stock, not field trial dogs, unless you want to chase your dog all day, or you invest in a shock collar

my favorite breeds, are britneys, vizlas, and english pointers.
only english setter we had was a runner.

[/ QUOTE ] I had the same problem with a Brit. (not trying to sound like a jerk here T)

unless you are hunting from horseback, buy your pup from regular hunting stock, not field trial dogs,

[/ QUOTE ]

I could not agree more with you...Papers are that, just paper.
I'd be more concerned with eyes, hips and able to see the parents of the pup.
My relative raises German Shorthairs and they are good ones! I have one myself and she hunts close like I want her too! I am not a fan of those big runners. Just be careful because shorthairs are full of energy and the wrong bloodlines leads to a very unhappy hunter! T$
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