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Recent content by Bucksnbears

  1. Bucksnbears

    Human Scent

    In my best Norwegian accent. Uffda!
  2. Bucksnbears

    Clover plot struggles...

    For grasses, I take a 2 gallon sprayer and just shoot the clumps. Works OK for a couple years. As mentioned, I mow my clover and find it important to keep the blades sharp.
  3. Bucksnbears

    Foodplot tractor

    When I bought my piece of Heaven 15 years ago, I started all my plots with gly/fire and a 25hp riding lawnmower pulling a drag. Lol. Worked fine just took time.
  4. Bucksnbears

    Clover plot struggles...

    I don't spray my clover. I mow. Grasses do take over. The weeds can be controlled somewhat. My findings are:, in soil that is semi shaded and tend to not get real dry, white clovers shine. Dry and more sun, the reds. Just checked a Ladino file (10th acre) plot I frost seeded in 2021 and it...
  5. Bucksnbears

    Cedar tree removal

    A problem? Worries? No Apple trees around.
  6. Bucksnbears

    Cedar tree removal

    Those look great!
  7. Bucksnbears

    First crop

    Good to hear. I expect a fairly low recruitment rate here. So wet,mosquitoes out unreal for this time of year. Stress may have in impact?
  8. Bucksnbears

    90 yard sight pin ready for deer season

    Just reading the "title of this thread makes me sick!. Just saying.
  9. Bucksnbears

    Cedar tree removal

    What is the orange globs growing on red cedar trees,?
  10. Bucksnbears


    I can hear one right now out my back window.
  11. Bucksnbears

    Expensive shed find

    Ouch, Yet I know lots of farmers who won't allow shed hunting.
  12. Bucksnbears

    Bad timing

    Yep. The red River is still super high. Not alot of cover for the does to drop fawns.
  13. Bucksnbears

    “The Land Podcast” link & Iowawhitetail discussion….

    I haven't listened to it yet (to long) but will soon. I'm sure it's good stuff. When did "whitetail properties " become whitetail trophy properties "?
  14. Bucksnbears

    First fawn of the year

    When I start seeing does mid day by themselves and in places they typically never are, and just standing/starting, you know a newborn is near by. That usually starts here bout may 20th.
  15. Bucksnbears

    Hard spring

    Congrats on the birds. Hope you have a good recovery.
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