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Recent content by Darrin

  1. Darrin

    New Turkey hunter- what to get?

    I shot my first 2 last spring so I’m with you on beginner tactics. I bought a cheap hen and jake set from walmart, but never ended up using them. I hunted in the timber though so by the time they would have seen them they’d nearly be in range. I could see it be useful for open fields. For...
  2. Darrin


  3. Darrin

    Dream weather. Good luck guys and gals!

    [emoji3063] 273 days until Oct 1. [emoji6]
  4. Darrin

    Turnkey Tethrd/TrophyLine saddle package

    I thought I wanted to saddle hunt. First impressions in the backyard were not great. I’m sure it gets easier the more you use it, but I’m gauging the interest in somebody in central IA buying the complete package. I don’t really want to deal with shipping or breaking the package up right now...
  5. Darrin

    First turkeys!

    I’ve half-assed tried to hunt turkeys for longer than I care to admit, but after the explosion of turkey content on YouTube (thanks hunting public) I decided to get serious this year. The first pic is my first bird ever from 2nd season. You have to look close at the fan, but he is a jake...
  6. Darrin

    Mossberg 835 rifled barrel (only) w/scope

    Bump on the barrel and scope. Somebody needs this for the upcoming deer season. Make me an offer.
  7. Darrin


    Bump on the AR556 upper. $300
  8. Darrin


    Switching to a 350 legend this year so looking to sell just the upper from this ruger. Same magpul handguard and foregrip. Same sightmark scope. I have an additional 10 round magazine along with the 2 30 rounders. $350/offer.
  9. Darrin

    I replied on the post. It is just the barrel and scope. I do have the complete gun with the...

    I replied on the post. It is just the barrel and scope. I do have the complete gun with the turkey barrel that I'd consider selling together, but that'd be a bit more than $200
  10. Darrin

    Mossberg 835 rifled barrel (only) w/scope

    Yes, I was actually just now logging back in to post it again. My 350 legend upper came in today so I'm officially out of the slug business. It really is a great barrel/scope combo (I'm not a salesman).
  11. Darrin


    Perry area. I could meet somewhere in Des Moines though.
  12. Darrin

    Mossberg 835 rifled barrel (only) w/scope

    24" rifled barrel. Mossy Oak Break-Up. Cantilevered scope mount. Nikon 2-7 x 32 ProStaff scope. This has been a great setup for me for the last 10 years, but I'm switching over to a 350 legend so I don't really have a use (or desire) to shoot slugs anymore. I've shot deer out to 175 yds with...
  13. Darrin


    just selling the ruger
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